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Secret Summer Swapper

UPDATED: to include what I made too.

I've gone in a swap with some mums on one of my favourite forums. But mine came this morning.

A dinosaur fleece nappy cover and a cotton velour / bamboo velour fitted nappy.

3 cotton-topped bamboo liners for me.

A delicious minky nappy wet bag.

All these things are so beautiful and soft and scrumptious. 
Thanks Nicky!

And here is what I made for my swappee:
A superhero cape for a 4 year old made using this tutorial, a book bag for a 3 year old, a bib for a 10 month old, a knitting project pouch for their mother, and some fishy stitch markers to make thier mum giggle.
Tags: knitting, mcn, sewing, swap
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